Frosted Window Films To Add Privacy With Style

At your home or in office, privacy is something that everybody needs. And, windows are not for peeping! So we have a stylish resolution to meet your privacy requirements with the trend of the era. Frosted window films endow your existing windows with frosted glass appearance that make them apparently opaque and ideal for 24-hour privacy. They are refreshing and modern alternative to blinds and net curtains.

Frosted Window Film

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Frosted Window Films Are Easy To Apply And Maintain

A frosted window film is a thin self-adhesive or self-cling material that sticks to windows easily. They are DIY-friendly and can be easily applied to windows with no bubbles. We recommend using self-adhesive films for those who need highly durable material for permanent application to windows. But in case you are a renter and need a temporary solution for a few years, self-cling films are an ideal option as they can be peeled-off in seconds.

If you are thinking about maintenance it is next to negligible. Go Green Reprographics provides with superior-quality frosted window films that need a wash with soapy water once a year. We provide frosted window films from small to large size considering the window measurements by the metre or cut-to-size films that are ready to apply.

Choose From The Variety Frosted Window Films From Go Green Reprographics

Go Green Reprographics allows you to choose from a wide variety of frosted window films depending on your requirement. We have colourless and plain frosted window films ideal for privacy purpose in a home or commercial setting and white frost films that are denser and more applicable to bathrooms. Then there are window films with etched effects that come in 4 colourways, apt to be used as decorative glass and even opal frost films that are excellent for glass partitions and large glass panels. The list is endless with more options to suit your permanent or temporary properties appealingly.

Call us now to get the best quality and cost-effective frosted window films for windows in any space.

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