Renewable Paper Sources

We only use paper suppliers who align themselves with sustainable forest practices.

Use Of Recycled Materials

When possible, Our prints are made with recycled paper ; without passing additional cost to our customers.

Order Entry Data Base and File Upload Capacity

Our Electrinic Work Order and File Upload systems have reduced the number of times we drive to an office to pick up an order by 75%.

Bid Room/ Plan Room

Our custom electronic plan rooms provide distribution of millions of files from thousands of projects to contractors.This service dramatically minimizes the need for hard-copy plans, deliveries, will-calls, and travel to physical plan rooms; thereby decreasing paper usage by approximately 25% and saving unknown miles of driving.

Extensive Methods and Procedures

At Go Green Reprographics we strive for 100% accuracy, which minimizes waste at every step of our production process. With professionals that pay attention to detail we dont need to re run projects and avoid waste.

Like us do your part in going green!

Ideas to Make Your Office Green

  • Whenever possible order double sided copying/printing. Use 50% less paper on spec books and more!
  • Consider vehicles that use less fuel or alternate fuels.
  • Use pens and pencils that are made of recycled paper, biodegradable plastic or wood.
  • Refill Ink Cartridges.
  • Look for paper products (paper towels/napkins/toilet paper) that are recycled.
  • Remove your business from unwanted fax and direct mail programs.
  • Turn off equipment and lights at night.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Consider abandoning disposable cups for reusable ones.
  • Multi location facilities can consider web meetings or conference calls.


Currently we accept jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, pdf, dwf. Please call and ask if you have other file types to be printed from. There is no extra charge to print from digital file or to scan from hard copies.
Yes, we offer shipping. UPS ground offers an inexpensive overnight shipping to most of Arizona and Nevada. We can also offer shipping with FedEx and other carriers for overnight shipping.

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