Prints taking up too much space? Do you have old plans that you need to find quick

ly? Go Green Reprographics has the management solution for you!

We can scan documents up to 40” wide by almost any length and covert them to one of several file types and resolutions for quick, easy access in archival quality. We can also rename, index and even give you easy project viewing software for quick viewing and future ordering.


We scan your documents on the best scanners in the industry to make an file as crisp as the original. After your documents are scanned, they are much more accessible than paper. Call us today for a quote and quit having paper take up room at your office.


Scanned documents can be emailed, printed and copied for backup. Make your documents safe from fire/ disaster and digitally archive them to CD. Have a CD copy off site for safe keeping of your artwork. We offer scanning in both black and white/ greyscale and color.


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